What is Ski for Kids?

Several years ago, a handful of community minded ski lovers got together to host a fun event that had meaning: a skiing event that raised money for the most vulnerable population in the community—young children and youth.

Ski for Kids helps our youth by supporting CHEO and the Children's Aid Society of Ottawa!

Come and join us for a day on the slopes for the 28th annual Ski for Kids day!


Making a difference, changing lives!

Here are some remarkable stories that showcase how supporting Ski for Kids can make a difference.


Supporting Mental Health Research 

Researchers and clinicians at CHEO are working to improve treatment and outcomes for patients with eating disorders. While much publicized, eating disorders are still misunderstood as a phase, or a natural part of growing up. In fact, severe cases of anorexia have mortality rates higher than any other mental illness.


Supporting Audiology - Helping Kids Hear

Pediatric audiologists know that early and consistent access to sound is not only crucial to a child's development of listening and spoken language skills but to brain development, language acquisition, as well as social and emotional health. For some children, a conventional hearing aid isn't possible, they need bone conduction hearing aids - BCHAs.



Meet the Beneficiaries


Children's Hospital Of Eastern Ontario

CHEO is a health care centre dedicated to providing comprehensive care to children and young people in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. Founded in 1974, CHEO offers a range of medical services for patients from birth through 18 years of age.

The purpose of the foundation is “to further the physical, mental and social well-being of children and their families in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec by raising, managing and disbursing funds.” Funds raised by the Foundation help to: fund research, purchase new equipment, enhance the paediatric nature of the hospital, train staff, and assist families in crisis.

Call us at: (613) 737-2785
Or visit the website: www.cheofoundation.com


Children's Aid Foundation Of Ottawa

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Ottawa (CAFO) raises essential funds for children and youth who are in the care of and supported by the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa. CAFO inspires and empowers kids to reach their full potential by providing life-enrichment and educational opportunities that help break the cycle of abuse and neglect in our community.

Over 1,000 children, youth and their families are directly helped by CAFO each year in Ottawa. Our programs provide funding for basic necessities that are often taken for granted such as a post-secondary education (Dare to Dream Bursary Program), participation in after school sports activities (hockey, soccer, swimming), dance and music lessons, summer camps, and as well as the purchase of clothing, furniture, and school supplies.

Call us at: (613) 745-1893.
Or visit the website: www.HelpOttawaKids.ca


Interested in Participating?
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Ski for Kids Day Details

Date   Friday February 16, 2018

Location   Mont Ste Marie ski resort

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Bid in the Live Auction!

Bid on some amazing items at our legendary après-ski live auction.

Join the Balloon Burst Draw!

Guaranteed prizes with a chance for the Grand Prize — a trip to Panorama Mountain Village Resort with West Jet.

Experience the Ski for Kids Ski Village!

An exciting, once-a-year experience at Mont St Marie Ski resort!